There are a wide variety of free roleplaying games available on the internet that can be yours for the time it takes to download them  (This, of course, refers to legally free RPGs, and not games that have been pirated, which is not encouraged or condoned by this site.)


Most of these free RPGs are independent, self-published games in a wide variety of genres, styles, and complexity.  There are two other websites that do such an excellent job of compiling lists of these RPGs, that I would much rather link to them directly than try to match their efforts:

- Chris' Compendium of Free Role Playing Games
- John H. Kim's Free RPGs on the Web

I also highly recommend 1000 Monkeys, 1000 Typewriters (1KM1KT), and The Free RPG Blog, two regularly updated blogs of all sorts of free RPGs.


A few of these free RPGs are classic out-of-print games that the publishers have released to the public. Two examples of these are:

is the classic superhero RPG published by TSR in the 1980s. The full RPG plus a lot of supplemental material (adventures, magazine articles, and a bunch of fan-created material) can be found at

is a sci-fi RPG that was published by TSR during the 1980s. The full RPG, modules, supplements, alternate rules, and an excellent fanzine called Star Frontiersman can be found at

Do you know of any other free RPGs or links that I should add to this page? Please contact me and let me know!

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