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Other Resources :
- Kids-RPG Group
- Dragonkin podcast
- Firefly Games
- RPGs for Kids
- Youth for Creative Adventure Storytelling

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reetings to you, eager adventurers, explorers, investigators, inventors, and pioneers, all! Welcome to the official site of the Young Person's Adventure League!

This internet page device is devoted to the subject of playing tabletop role-playing games with young people. Tabletop, or pen-and-paper RPGs, are the kind played with dice and books, not the type that require a computer or game console. It's the old-fashioned way of getting into a grand adventure, and many of us older folks feel that it's still the best way.

On this page, you will find information for kids, tweens, teens, parents, and guardians about:

The best games to play with young people - the Adventurer's Atlas
Play reports and reviews of published role-playing games - the Navigator's Notebook
Tips on keeping the adventures fast, engaging, challenging, and fun - the Tinkerer's Toolbox
News and updates that are relative to the interests of adventurers, both young and young-at-heart - the Dromedary Dispatch
A few beginner adventures to get you started (Coming soon!)


NOTE: The updates that previously appeared here are now on the Dromedary Dispatch page - please go there for updates on the Young Person's Adventure League and adventure games for young people.

Other Fine Resources

Be sure to visit these other fine internet resources on young people and gaming:

 The Kids-RPG Yahoo group is a long-running online discussion group devoted to kids and RPGs. To read or post to the group, you must have a Yahoo account, which is free of charge.

 Dragonkin is a kids-and-RPGs podcast hosted by Sam Chupp, founder of the Kids-RPG Yahoo group and author of numerous role-playing games and supplements, including Changeling: The Dreaming. Give a listen to Sam as he talks about gaming with kids, conducts interviews with young gamers, and more!

Dice 'n' Diapers features articles, editorials, reviews, and a forum, all on the topic of being a gamer parent - "Because gamers do breed..."

Firefly Games is a game publishing company based in northern California that designs and publishes quality child- and family-friendly games - such as Monster Island and Faery's Tale - for all ages. Their site also contains a forum where you can often find great discussions on gaming with young people.

RPGs for Kids - a list compiled by Sophie LagacÚ. Her list includes tabletop wargames such as Fuzzy Heroes, as well as many of the same games found here in the Adventurer's Atlas page, plus a few others not found here.

Squidoo - Roleplaying With Kids - a 'lens' that is focused on roleplaying with young people, with lots of tips and links to excellent sites (including this one!)

 Youth for Creative Adventure Storytelling is an organization that develops roleplaying programs for kids during summer breaks and in afterschool sessions during the school year, to help them use the knowledge they have gained in school and exercise their problem solving and teamwork skills.


Remember to check back here regularly to this new-fangled internet-scape page site for future updates, articles, reviews, and adventures. Good luck, fare well, and keep your dice dry!


Dr. Otto Awkward
Commander-in-Chief, Young Person's Adventure League

Anna, the Time Traveling Palindromedary
Camel-in-Chief, Young Camel's Adventure League


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