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Scenes from Louis Roth's documentary RPG

RPG is a documentary film about that most maligned and misunderstood of leisure pastimes, fantasy role playing games. RPG is the acronym for Role Playing Game, but non players are more cognizant of the name Dungeons & Dragons™, a single game title which has come to represent to the outside world the face of all other RPGs.

While "D&D" is still, arguably, the most popular RPG out there, this film explores the vast world of role playing games in all their diversity. Gaming conventions, miniature painting, polyhedral dice, interviews with gamers and the history of how fantasy role play games got started are all examined in this unique view of a pastime that has traditionally been shrugged off by the media and the public at large as the recreation of "geeks." In addition, the dark past of D&D, stories of how the role playing game took the rap for disappearances, suicides and murders, is dragged into the light and debunked.

To sum it all up, filmmaker Louis Roth posits, "Maybe there's a little bit of geek in all of us… What I do know is that RPGs are for smart, creative people who enjoy complex, engaging games."

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