Make a difference





BeQuest is a project aimed at getting gamers involved in charitable efforts - making donations, organizing drives, volunteering time, giving of themselves. In short, making a difference. Giving of yourself builds character, it aids those in need, and it shows the world that gamers are good people. It's a three-way victory.
The Young Person's Adventure League is a project aimed at getting future generations interested in roleplaying, with suggestions on the best RPGs to play with kids and tips on keeping the adventures fun, engaging, and sometimes even educational.
Reading, Writing, and Roleplaying is a project devoted to using roleplaying games as an educational tool in the classroom or even at home.
Terra Libris is a project that focuses on role-playing games as a library activity, to encourage reading, research, socialization, and library skills..
Square One is a gaming podcast hosted by Sam Chupp of The Bear's Grove and Bill Walton of The Escapist, that focuses on tips and suggestions for new players interested in the role-playing hobby.
Read an RPG Book in Public Week is a thrice-annual event aimed at making the hobby more visible, increasing public understanding, and possibly even attracting new participants.