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Title: Vampire fan's head found in river

Source: Ananova, 01/02/03

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Vampire fan's head found in river

The frozen head of man who was devoted to vampire role playing games has been found in an Swedish river.

Marcus Noren's decapitated head was discovered by children in the icy Nissan River in Halmstad.

Police said they were not certain how the 22-year-old was killed but they believe he was murdered.

Spokesman Lars Hamren said several people had been interrogated, including members of a local club who take part in live action role playing games.

Swedish media reported that the games included simulations of vampire life and lore, a variant of role-playing with strong elements of occultism and romanticism of death.

Hamren said he did not know if there was any connection between the club and the murder.

One of Noren's friends said the he often devoted his time to a vampire game called Vampire: The Masquerade.

"You have many roles and fight each other for power," Marcus Brissman said.

Other body parts and Noren's clothes were found in the river a day after the head was discovered by a ten-year-old and his 13-year-old sister.

Story filed: 16:24 Thursday 2nd January 2003 
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