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These sorts of things happen around here all the time:

Random Encounter - Musings on roleplaying games, life, and how the two don't mix.
Tell Me About Your Character - Interviews with average, everyday, extraordinary gamers. Have you submitted yours yet?
20 Sided World - A column on gaming culture from different parts of the world.
The Escapist Video Movie Review Report - They actually make movies about gamers, and someone actually reviews the movies about gamers, and then someone else actually reads the reviews of the movies about gamers...

Other (older, but still good) features:

Fifteen Tips for Dealing with Reporters Productively by John Clark. Great advice on dealing with reporters and newspeople. Everyone needs to read this.

Geekshow: an Interview with Andrew Koenig - The former Growing Pains star and writer/director of the live sitcom Gamers joins me in a little chat.

Guest Editorial: Jenny Hein, Dispelling the Myth - Christians vs. Gamers; it doesn't have to be that way.

The 1999 Year In Review - Join Spencer Lease and myself as we wax nostalgic over the major gaming events of the last year.