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The FAQ Pages

Below are links to the various FAQ and information pages that are available on this site. If you have a question that hasn't been answered in any of these pages, send it to and I'll do what I can to answer it for you.
FAQs For Newbies:
These articles are aimed at those who know little about both the hobby and the controversy. 

Basic Gaming Advocacy FAQ: Describes what gaming and gaming advocacy is all about. Start here if you know nothing at all about the hobby.

Gaming Terms And Jargon: A short glossary of terms you may have heard gamers use.

The Myths About RPGs: Lists the major misconceptions that many people have about role-playing games, and supplies the truth for each.


FAQs For Everyone:
These articles are for everyone, rookie and veteran alike.  Pay attention; there will be a test later.

What Can I Do To Help?: Tips on how to make your environment a better place for gaming.

What Roleplaying Games Are: The beneficial aspects of gaming, without all that negative aftertaste.

The Gaming Advocacy Encyclopedia: A list of the people, groups, movies, and other facets of the gaming advocacy debate.