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Title: Game ends in police search

Source: Ohio Journal News, May 12th, 2007

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Game ends in police search
Students involved in Harry Potter-style role-playing game may face disciplinary action.

By Eric Schwartzberg and Lindsey Hilty Staff Writers

Saturday, May 12, 2007

FAIRFIELD — Students participating in a mystery suspense "Harry Potter" role-playing game may face disciplinary action, after a parent discovered a "threatening" note Thursday in a child's book bag.

An investigation ensued, with officers and teachers searching student backpacks Friday at fairfield North Elementary School for other notes, said Fairfield Twp. Police Chief Richard St. John. Two Fairfield Twp. police officers were stationed at the school Friday.

Several more role-playing notes were found as part of the investigation.

"First and foremost they wanted to make sure there were no weapons or contraband brought into the school," St. John said.

None of the threats were made against the school, its personnel or students in the school that were not part of the role-playing game, and no criminal charges were filed, St. John said.

"After the investigation was complete and the true nature of the situation was determined, it was obvious this was not a police matter," he said.

Fairfield schools spokeswoman Beth Wagner would not elaborate on how many students were involved with the incident, but said there was "no grounds for concern."

"We check into everything, because we want it to be safe," she said.

Wagner said the school was not on an official lockdown, but several parents said they were denied entry into the building.

Parent Teresa Sayers said she was called by concerned mothers, and she went to the school asking for information, because other mothers said they were not permitted to enter the building unless they were chaperoning a field trip and could not find out what was happening and why police were present.

"I wanted to know what was going on — if it wasn't safe, my kids were coming out," said Sayers.

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