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Title: Initial Print Run of Dungeons & Dragons Adventure Game Boxed Set Sells Out

Source: Business Wire, 6/8/99

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Introduction to Most Famous Adventure Game of All Time Creates Whole New Generation of Fans; Initial Print Run of Dungeons & Dragons Adventure Game Boxed Set Sells Out

RENTON, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 8, 1999--Twenty-five years ago, TSR Inc. created a legend with the release of the Dungeons & Dragons(R) game. 

Now, redesigned for a new generation, the Dungeons & Dragons Adventure Game boxed set is the definitive starting point to the adventure game hobby. Newcomers to the game can participate in adventures and explore fantasy worlds already enjoyed by millions of fans worldwide. 

Released at the end of April, the starter-level boxed set was overwhelmingly received by fans and sold out of its initial print run to hobby game stores in less than two months. After a return to the presses, stores nationwide are gearing up to replenish their supply of the Dungeons & Dragons Adventure Game with the arrival of new product next week. 

For 25 years Dungeons & Dragons products have been the benchmark for adventure game excellence. These games have appealed to the ever-expanding population of fans because the focus is not on fierce competition, but on imagination and communal storytelling. 

The Dungeons & Dragons Adventure Game was designed by Bill Slavicsek, author of A Guide to the Star Wars Universe (Del Rey) and the Alternity(R) adventure game. The boxed set includes clearly written rules designed to familiarize new players with the Dungeons & Dragons experience, as well as everything players need to continue on to more involved gaming. The Dungeons & Dragons Adventure Game, released in April 1999 with a suggested retail price of $9.99, is played with the same methods and rules as the original Dungeons & Dragons game, but with less complexity. 

Introduced in 1974, the original Dungeons & Dragons game continues to be played by millions worldwide and has led to the creation of the billion-dollar adventure game industry. The game provides rules for interacting in a group-driven, storytelling experience in a fantasy world filled with magic, fierce dragons and brave knights. 

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